The F.I.X. Code Technique disconnects lower level vibrations from past memories.

This metaphorical device works to eliminate those feelings that keep you from achieving your life goals and dreams.

Do YOU have a problem in your life?

This can help.

Daniel begins every session with the following:

"The biggest problem you have in your life right now, when you think about it.... How does it make you feel?"

Your answer will give Daniel the cue for what you want to work on.

Daniel will then move into the session with you, to eliminate that feeling.

He will not ask you details... he doesn't really need to know. The technique is result driven.

For his business clients, his approach is somewhat different. Details here.


What it is ....

What it isnt....

  • a tool to disconnect lower level vibrations from past memories

  • a metaphorical device that allows your unconscious mind to disconnect those horrible feelings

  • you can learn to do this for your clients or family via online training

  • NOT talk therapy

  • NOT intrusive

  • NOT invasive

  • NOT co-dependent on Daniel

  • NOT sessions that never end

  • NOT a 12 step program (not even 3 steps)